Bridging the gap between
financial services
and fintech
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A seasoned financial services professional, with 20 years’ experience in wealth management, I work as a non-executive director, independent board advisor and consultant (depending on the firm’s needs) in the fintech, wealth management and fund sectors. In addition to providing strategic direction, I provide a diverse opinion, driven by exposure to both the supplier and customer perspective and volunteering outside of financial services.

Sector-specific expertise

In-depth knowledge of digital disruption in wealth management, coupled with an appreciation of the fine line between wealthtech and personal service.

Extensive understanding of the target market for fintech firms focussed on retail clients or their service providers, and the challenges and drivers behind the adoption of fintech.

A dual aspect perspective, bringing both the adviser and consumer angle to a fund board.

All sector expertise

A purpose-driven view of culture, including its links to cyber resilience and corporate alignment to an ESG investment offering through working towards BCorp accreditation.

Broad spectrum of risk experience including ESG, reputational, cyber and conduct risk.

Wide-ranging knowledge of data & technology, from its use as the foundations for MI to applications in financial services of emerging technologies such as AI or Open Finance.

Georgina Mitchell


“The FintechNorth community has benefitted from Georgina’s support…Her more traditional financial services background brings a different perspective and her contacts have helped extend our reach beyond the tech community”


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Fintech North and HM Treasury’s Fintech Envoy

The FintechNorth community has benefitted from Georgina’s support and she has spoken at our events on topics as wide ranging as women in fintech, alternative lending and ESG in the savings market. Her more traditional financial services background brings a different perspective and her contacts have helped extend our reach beyond the tech community.

Chris Sier, Chairman, Fintech North and HM Treasury’s Fintech Envoy


Georgina’s in depth knowledge of the wealth management market has been invaluable in refining our offering. She constructively challenged our understanding of the target market, our product development roadmap and our sales and marketing strategy, all in a manner resembling a casual conversation that belied the structure underneath. She has helped redefine our long term strategy, giving it renewed focus, and the operational process required to best support that strategy. After only three months, these changes are already making their mark on the business.

David Joyce, CEO, Crealogix MBA

Harrogate Neighbours Housing Association

We brought Georgina onboard because we needed to strengthen and diversify our governance. Her input has led to a more structured approach to our activities, including strategic planning and treasury management. The transition has not always been easy, but trustees feel better informed through training Georgina arranged and better placed to challenge the executive team as a result.

Liz Jones, Chair, Harrogate Neighbours Housing Association

Castleton Primary School

Georgina has been a fantastic addition to our Governing body and we have welcomed the constructive challenge that she brings. One of her greatest contributions has been her network of contacts; from finding a black British Airways pilot to provide an aspirational role model for our multicultural school community to sourcing electronic devices for low-income families when pupils started to work from home during the pandemic, her commitment to the role and what she can achieve in a couple of phone calls has never ceased to amaze me.

Andrea Riley, Co-head teacher, Castleton Primary School

The Leeds Grammar School and Leeds Girls’ High School Foundation

Georgina brought a wealth of knowledge about investment management that has strengthened the Board’s understanding of how best to manage its assets and ensure the sustainability of the charitable foundation for future generations. The little ideas also added significant value, such as how to strengthen our cyber security defences and the importance of considering inclusion as well as diversity.

John Woodward, Chairman, The Leeds Grammar School and Leeds Girls’ High School Foundation