At a time when fiduciary duty is evolving to incorporate ESG outcomes, the chains between manufacturers, distributors and consumers are tightening and value must be added at all stages, fund boards now require skills beyond understanding product governance and performance.

Consumer Duty

Diverse experience in Consumer Duty Champion roles, one with an asset manager and one with a host ACD.

Twenty years of direct to consumer experience, including two years in a dealing room during the tech boom, give an unprecedented insight into the potentially extreme behaviours and expectations of consumers, along with their vulnerabilities. Experience as a NED on an NHS Trust board, where hearing the patient voice is key to understanding the quality of services, transfers to consumer voice and its input into consumer support and understanding.

ESG through SDR and Labelling

Chaired the specially convened TISA Responsible and Sustainable Investment Working Group and the Octo Members Responsible Investment Forum, providing feedback directly to the FCA on the development of the SDR and Labelling regulations for both, giving in depth knowledge of the application of the new regulations.

Assessment of Value

Diverse experience of assessment of value processes, from an asset manager with one OEIC producing one in depth AoV per year, to a host ACD producing up to 11 in one month. Brings a consumer perspective to quality of service metrics.

Product Governance

Chair of the Fund Governance Committee at the ACD, regularly reviewing product changes or launches and providing challenge to the delegated investment manager, monitoring liquidity, fund flows and breaches.