Bringing traditional financial services experience to fintech

Whether your target market is wealthy investors, or financial inclusion, my broad experience across financial services and charities working with both the young and the old, will add depth to your understanding of that target market.


Wealthtech adoption can be improved by deepening your understanding of the range of products and services that fall under the ‘wealth management’ banner. From holistic financial planning to product-based advice, via discretionary investment management and execution, I can guide fintech firms to understand their segment of that target market in order to develop a pipeline of appropriate products or services. Similarly, my comprehensive understanding  of the challenges and drivers behind fintech adoption in wealth management will lead to more meaningful engagement with clients.

Fintech with Purpose

Building on an in-depth understanding of the retail client segment of financial services, combined with pro-bono work in areas of deprivation and with the elderly, I deliver an understanding of financial inclusion from a user, as well as supplier, perspective. My extensive understanding of FCA expectations is vital to managing the heightened regulatory risk of regularly dealing with vulnerable customers, a bracket which over 50% of us will fall into in our lifetimes.

What Do I Do?

Working as either a non-executive director, independent board advisor or consultant, depending on the firm’s needs, I will bring my knowledge and experience to bear in a conversation about your journey. As a consultant, my contribution will be collaborative and specific to your target market, as a NED, I will bring constructive challenge based on my sector-specific knowledge and across a wider range areas of added value such as strategy, risk and culture.

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