Bringing ESG and fintech experience to wealth management

Retaining the personal touch; its not all about robo

With $10tn due to transfer between generations globally in the next decade and 80% of heirs seeking a new investment manager, I consider delivering on the wants and needs of a digitally native generation a strategic priority for wealth management firms. However, I firmly believe that does not mean every firm should replace its humans with robo advisers. But where to start?

From matching clients with advisers using artificial intelligence, to allowing clients to self-serve via a portal or gaining a better understanding of operations through automating and analysing regulatory reporting, the technological options available are many and varied and span the entire client journey. My experience affords an understanding of the benefits of each option and allows me to match them with the challenges and drivers behind a firm’s digital transformation with the ultimate aim of striking the right balance between expenditure and return or client experience and the human touch.

ESG: Going mainstream

Where institutional investment leads, retail investment follows. In late 2020 PWC reported that 77% of institutional investors will invest only in ESG by 2022 and that 50% of European assets would be ESG by 2025. Even if you personally believe it is a fad, can you afford to risk that not being the view of your clients? With experience in guiding a board through the considerations for building a solution to an ESG mandate and an active role chairing a forum of asset managers to standardise the language, from sustainable to impact, my understanding of ESG can inform a healthy debate on how to position your firm to handle this hot topic.

What Do I Do?

Working as either a non-executive director, independent board advisor or consultant, depending on the firm’s needs, I will bring my knowledge and experience to bear in a conversation about your firm and its goals. As a consultant, my contribution will be collaborative and specific to the journey you wish to embark on, whether that be digital or environmental. As a NED, I will bring constructive challenge to ensure the strategic direction you take is right for your firm and its clients, not only on specific projects such as ESG or digital transformation, but also across a wider range of areas of added value such as risk and culture.

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